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Feed proteins
Our expertise in feed proteins is the result of many years’ careful selection of products and manufacturers. Particularly in the field of GMO-free raw components, fenaco’s uncompromising monitoring has given it a leading position. The decision in favour of GMO-free feed does not permit any half-measures. Close cooperation with reliable laboratories is therefore an indispensable prerequisite.

In recent years, regular on-site contacts in Brazil have helped us to permanently extend our knowledge of soy – its cultivation, processing and logistics. To do justice to soy cultivation* in Brazil that is as sustainable and responsible as possible, fenaco was the fi rst company to bring correspondingly certifi ed soy products to Europe, i.e. Switzerland, in 2006. Our "Proforest" brand allows us to better position this quality soy on the market.

  • * According to the Basel Criteria, or the ProTerra standard, this includes:
    • Protection of the Amazon rainforest
    • Monitored water, fertilizer and pesticide use
    • No child labour, etc.
  • Our trading volumes also enable us to maintain direct relations with producers of other protein products. We keep our own level of knowledge up-to-date with specialist, fi rst-hand information and can thus comprehensively inform our customers.

    Proteins are an essential component in animal feed. Feed proteins do not simply grow in fi elds. They are mostly the products of industrial processes that frequently serve quite different purposes. The table below contains a few examples.

Basis product Main product Feed protein in the fenaco assortment

Soya beans

Soya oil, lecithin (food and feed)

Soya cakes

Corn kernels

Corn starch (food and industrial)
Corn glucose (food)

Corn gluten measl
Corn gluten feed


Rapeseed oil (food, biodiesel)

Rapeseed meal
Rapeseed cakes



Distillers Dry Grain (DDG´s)

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    Swiss network for sustainable soy
    fenaco was one of the founding members of the Swiss network for sustainable soy. This is an interest group dedicated to actively working towards a sustainability certifi cate (e.g. Proforest brand) for at least 90 % of imported soy products by 2014.

    Alongside fenaco, other network members include the Swiss Farmers’ Union, major food retailers Coop and Migros, compound feed manufacturer UFA Ltd, the Florin oil mill, BioSuisse and the WWF.