Feed grains

The feed grain sector pursues two principal aims. First, and very importantly, the best possible marketing of feed grain from over 100 collection sites included in the MAXI system, grown in Switzerland, to a wide spectrum of clientèle in Switzerland. Second, the acquisition of the necessary high-quality raw ingredients, which complements this, such as wheat, barley and corn for the production of compound feed and for livestock owners. For this, we rely on efficient and reliable partnerships with suppliers from various regions of Europe and overseas.

With our daily market presence, our broad range of customer and supplier contacts, as well as high logistics skills, we have an excellent basis to be a useful and professional partner for all customers as well as for suppliers.


Basil Rüttimann
Basil Rüttimann

Head of feed grain


Annette Ryser
Annette Ryser

Trading cereals, feedstuffs

Service / Processing

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