Our history

1993 Merger of six agricultural cooperative associations with a tradition going back more than one hundred years to form fenaco cooperative.

1993 Reorganisation of the animal feed trade departments into a national unit; coarse fodder trade is extended

1994 Grouping of the six home-produced cereals and oilseed centres of fenaco to create a national unit

1999 Deregulation of the bread cereals and oilseed market, with transfer of the home-produced cereals and oilseed centres to the animal feed trade, and a remit for the market development of bread cereals / oil seeds

2000 Establishment of the strategic business unit for cereals, oilseed and animal feed trade and contractual integration of LANDI / collection points into the MAXI marketing concept for bread cereals and oilseeds

2003 Launch and first sowing of high oleic rapeseed following two years of experience with mid oleic rapeseed – then continuous market expansion into high oleic low linoleic rapeseed, which has a market share today of around 30%

2004 The fenaco business unit for cereals, oilseed and animal feed trade launches the soya brand “Proforest” in order to ensure soya imports from sustainable agriculture

2005 Launch of the ANILuz and ANIpelli brands on the coarse fodder market, as well as the Suisse-Premium quality standard for bread cereals

2006 Unloading of the first shipment of soybean meal in compliance with the Basel Criteria and ProTerra certified at Basel Harbour

2006 One of the first companies in Switzerland to achieve certification according to ISO 22000

2008 Launch of the marketing of bread cereals and oilseeds with the SUISSE GARANTIE mark of origin for the 2009 harvest

2009 Extension of import sourcing as well as national contract production with organic products via Ressort Bio

2011 Establishment of the Swiss Soya Network as a founding member

2012 Support for the cultivation of European soya and membership of the “Donau Soja” association

2014 Extension of the marketing strategy for coarse fodder to include ANI products

2015 Acquisition of an area at the Auhafen in Muttenz for building authorisation and start of planning for the silo site

2018 Opening of the Auhafen silo and transhipment site in Birsfelden

2018 Purchase of the swiss grana group with sites in the Czech Republic and Germany, as well as the Olten silo

2018 Purchase of Interagra GmbH and relocation of the site to Lörrach

2020 Opening of the company’s own customs clearance office in Basel

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