ISO EN 9001:2015: In compliance with this standard, we plan, operate and document our activities in the field of quality management so that we can supply products and services that meet the expectations of our customers and any administrative requirements.

ISO 22000:2018: We ensure that our management system for food safety complies with this international standard. We put emphasis on our HACCP concept which, in combination with the other requirements of this standard and the implementation thereof, ensures that our products meet the highest safety standards for foodstuffs and animal feed.

GMP+: The GMP+ Feed Safety Assurance scheme is a complete module to ensure food safety at all levels of the foodstuff chain. Thanks to this standard, we offer a guarantee that the customers acquire GMP+ certified goods that are a mandatory component in various QA programmes.

ORGANIC: Thanks to CH-Bio and Bio Suisse certification, we are entitled to trade and import products that comply with the requirements of Art. 30a para. 1 of the Swiss Organic Ordinance (SR 910.18) and Art. 29 para. 1 of Regulation (EC) no. 834/2007 and Regulation (EC) no. 889/2008 of the European Union.

Donau Soja: The Donau Soja and Europe Soya standards and guidelines set the minimum standards or the use of Donau Soja and Europe Soya logos and the quality label. They define the region of provenance of the soya commodity and contain the requirements for plant protection, GMO-free status, traceability, sustainability and the control system. We, therefore, have seamless certification by Donau Soja and Europe Soya goods from the field to the consumer.

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