Covid -19 / ASP

1. Informations concerning Covid-19

Here we post continuously updated information about Covid-19.

Customers and Suppliers

In addition to the implementation of the recommended hygiene measures in the office and operational facilities, we have also decided to reduce the travel activities of our staff to a bare minimum. Further we are in a position to ensure the functioning of our offices through teleworking if necessary.


As for the carriers, please take note that most of our suppliers and clients have implemented guidelines and prepared questionnaires concerning hygiene measures. You will find some examples below.

We draw your attention to the fact that you must wear a hygiene mask at all times on the company premises at the loading and unloading site.

Downloads Corona Requirements deliveries at Meliofeed AG

Informations concerning ASF


The persons charged with the transport take note of the urgent instructions of the Authority concerning swine fever (ASF) and consider these in their transports and travels.


Die mit dem Transport beauftragten Personen nehmen Kenntnis von den dringenden Hinweisen der Behörde betreffend Schweinepest (ASP) und berücksichtigen diese bei ihren Transporten und Reisen.


les personnes chargées de la prise de transport note des instructions urgentes de l'Autorité concernant la peste porcine (PPA) et considèrent ceux-ci dans leurs transports et voyages.



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