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Since July 2018, the fenaco cooperative has been operating 50,000 m3 of warehouse space at the port of Birsfelden.

Every day, grain and protein are transshipped loose or in containers by ship, rail and lorry. The independently run silo enables agricultural goods to be transshipped efficiently.

Strategic importance

Optimum handling of domestic harvests in the region of Basel – for LANDI Reba to replace the Dreispitz site.

Efficient transshipment of the necessary additional imports for our clients (protein and grain) by all means of transport.

The Swiss federal government is maintaining obligatory reserves to ensure the security of supply for emergency provision phases. On behalf of the Swiss federal government, réservesuisse ensures that the necessary quantities are stored by private companies in Switzerland.
Thanks to the construction of the Auhafen site, fenaco is helping to ensure that this necessary storage space is provided.

According to the fenaco principle – “we conduct our business activity in an economically, socially and ecologically sustainable way” – this site is exceptionally well-equipped for shipment by rail.
Relief for the Basel city traffic thanks to rail shipment and direct access to the motorway for lorries. There is also an agreement with the Energy Agency of the Swiss Private Sector to increase energy efficiency further – during construction, great attention was paid to energy efficiency.


2013 Taking over the building right from Sibelco (sand processing withdrew from Switzerland).
2014 Negotiations to realign boundaries – previously a road went right through the property. Building right negotiations. Drawing up of a rough project schedule
2015 Settlement of legal matters such as easement Agreements Detailed planning – engineering
2015.10 Submission of building permit
2016.02 Choice of construction companies
2016.03 Authorisation + start of demolition works
2016.05 Building permit
2016.06 Start of building
2018.02 End of architect work
2018.05 Hand-over to building contractor
2018.05 Commissioning
2018.05.09 Unloading of 1st ship of 2000 tonnes of protein
2018.06 1st grain receipt from the region

Benchmark data on the silo


  • Lorry capacity: 150 tonne/hour
  • Lorry loading for self-collection from four loading bays of 60 m3 each

Rail loading

  • Loading capacity: 250 tonne/hour
  • Possible to transfer directly from ship to rail

Combined ship and rail capacity

  • Volume of the ship channel of 70m3
  • Unloading crane
  • Control equipment: magnet, cylindrical sieve and belt scale


  • Control equipment: cylindrical sieve, aspirator and continuous scale
  • Sensory equipment: temperature monitoring and level control
  • Honeycomb silos, round silos, wet/dry bays

Drying facilities

  • Continuous dryers with warm air recovery and automatic drying facilities

Contact Silo Auhafen

Konrad Freiermuth
Konrad Freiermuth

Head of Silo Auhafen

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