National logistics

Thanks to our rail know-know, we ensure sustainable raw material transportation.



Every day, full railway wagons leave a station and deliver the freight securely to the recipient’s location the following day. As one of the largest customers of SBB Cargo, we foster close collaboration, and ensure customer-oriented solutions, including for single wagon traffic. So that road logistics can be relieved during the months of harvest, railway stations are sometimes operated during this period on a temporary basis.



The transport company, Traveco, is part of the fenaco cooperative.
National transportation is carried out 100% by Traveco. This means maximum capacity of the fleet can be sought and costs optimised. Thanks to the flexibility from Traveco, we can meet individual customer needs.


Contact persons

Barbara Springer
Barbara Springer

Member of the Executive Board / Leader of the business unit GOF International / Head of Strategic development

Sarah Leuenberger
Sarah Leuenberger

Service / Disposition

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