Suppliers must be able to respect a few regulations to be able to supply us.

The supplier must take measures and put in place systems to ensure that

  • the product meets the legal provisions of the country in which it was produced or grown in every respect, and imported products must comply with Swiss legislation if this is requested specially by us
  • the quality of its products are constantly monitored and the parameters set by GOF (with regard to the contract and HACCP) must be respected; if the supplier does not actually make the products, these conditions logically apply for its manufacturer
  • if pesticides are used in the storage facility, the guidelines for good manufacturing practice will be respected and the manufacturer's regulations and any legal provisions will be adhered to
  • goods transported by the supplier or its subcontractor must be carried in clean vehicles that are in impeccable condition; and must recognise our working directive 8422.01 (transportation) and use FO 8422.02 (Hygiene attestation for batch deliveries) and for imports by rail FO 8422.03 (Hygiene attestation for rail batch transportation)
  • the products must not be contaminated during handling, transportation or storage with external or forbidden substances
  • traceability must be ensured at all times, and each party must ensure that retention samples are taken and stored in accordance with normal practice for the industry
  • the supplier must have in place a modern administrative and handling system that ensures traceability, a seamless flow of data and paper flows and invoicing that complies with VAT rules
  • the delivery deadlines agreed in the contract are respected, and fenaco GOF is informed immediately if any deadlines cannot be respected or if any other problems arise as soon as they become aware of them


Downloads for suppliers

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